CEO/Creative Director – Darryl Hughes

Hughes Who Productions (“Hughes Who” say it 5 times fast  :- ) – Not just a tongue twister, was co-founded by Darryl Hughes and Edye Deloch-Hughes. Hughes Who is a demanding, creative & ebullient creative & game development  shop of  seasoned  professionals who enjoy designing games. Hughes Who designs and produces: online &

Darryl Picture2offline games; animations for television, videos and films; & art & gamification for start-ups, businesses, organizations & ad agencies. This includes digital & online education. “We’re Game for Anything”

Among the many highlights of my career, I’ve worked as an art director for Ford & McDonald’s campaigns. In gaming, CEO, COO, game designer, creative director & executive producer on PC, arcade, online, & platform games for Viacom New media, Konami & WMS Gaming to name a few. Over 10 game patents. I served as a freelance animator for “Warner Bros. Tiny Toons and Tazmania”, created award-winning children’s animated films for Encyclopedia Britannica.

A professor in secondary education, teaching animation, producing & game development.

I was a panelist at the White House Initiative (Dept. of Education) on Historical Black


Panelist SBIR – STTR Conference

Colleges and Universities at Alabama A&M University SBIR -STTR Conference.

Keynote speaker for the International Conference on Computer Games sponsored by the University of Louisville. My speech was on games with a purpose: “Educating Our Children through Games”.

Our Draco’s Fire game that’s still online in the U.K. doing very well. This is our original game design, art and animations and music. Play it for free and see the review at the link below.

Hughes Who created a 3D interactive exploratory educational/gamification online game for the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago.

We are currently developing our own custom online “Pay to Play” game engine.  The game engine will be available for mobile, HTML and other platforms.


One of many industry quotes about one of my games:

“Milk Money is so fun and funny, I could play it ‘til the cows come home (or ‘til the money runs out) I congratulate the mad genius who created this slot machine”.

Pam Droog, Casino City Times

We have over 50 years advertising experience in TV, print and marketing. Some of our clients include Office Max (corporate) and Kennedy King College (Chicago).


We specialize in game development/gamification for training and education, game design, character development, 2D – 3D art, graphics and animations, creating original and unique music for games and commercials.

We also, do art direction for ad campaigns, writing for TV, print ads and radio.

Current Overview:

In the last 3 years Hughes Who Productions filled for several gaming patents, copyrights and trademarks. We have developed over 50 games that are currently online and in the casino markets in the US and overseas and developing 3 more at this time.


Hughes Who Productions is currently partnered with these companies/organizations: Living, Learning,, Liminal VR, Kool Nerd Club, EconoTeque, Alabama A&M University, Alabama A&M Rise Foundation, 100 Black Men of Chicago, and ChildServ.


Liminal VR Partner                          Kool Nerd



Lectures and Training’s:

Darryl Hughes and Edye Deloch-Hughes are constantly doing lectures and training’s to educate and train employees, educators and students about games as an educational and training tool, called Gamification.



Co-founders of Hughes Who Productions, Darryl Hughes and Edye Deloch-Hughes with Dr. Orok of Alabama A&M University at the SBIR – STTR Conference




Darryl a keynote speaker at the International Conference on Computer Games at Louisville University. My speech was on: “Educating Our Children through Games”




Darryl took a 4 student team to a Regional and National Championship with Microsoft’s Imagine Cup Competition



Hughes Who Games Workshop. We’ve developed a custom game workshop to teach high school and college students about game development



Our Digital & Online Technology Training workshop for kids on the West-side of Chicago at the Sankofa House. Incorporation with Congressman Danny Davis & Northstar Lottery Group


Our Games:



DuSable 3D Interactive Exploratory Digitally Online Educational/Gamification Game –  Unity Game Engine


DuSable 3D Interactive Exploratory Digitally Online Educational/Gamification Game Screen Shot – Unity Game Engine



Soulless 3D Interactive Faith-Based Digitally Online Educational/Gamification Game –   Unity Game Engine – In Development Phase


Souless 1

Soulless 3D Interactive Faith-Based Digitally Online Educational/Gamification Game  – Game Screen Shot – Tutorial Level



Soulless Character

Soulless 3D Interactive Faith-Based Digitally Online Educational/Gamification Game  – Game 3D Character



Draco's Fire-Slot Reels Interface

Draco’s Fire Slot Game Online in the U.K.



phone 3

The “Big Playback” Online “Pay to Play” Slot Game


Commercials & Films:


Cheesehead String Cheese

Cheesehead String Cheese Animated TV Commercial


HFC TV Commercial

HFC Household Finance Corp. Animated TV Commercial




Michael Jackson Flash Animation for Michael Jackson Live Action Documentary Film




Michael Jackson Flash Animation for Michael Jackson Live Action Documentary Film


Little Doug E. Fresh Character-“The Show” Kids Original TV Concept



Our Work:


Mutant Rat-Soulless Video Game


Demon character – Soulless Video Game



Fairy – 2D Art



Sheriff Dillon – 2D Art



Odin – 2D Art



Pickup Truck – 2D Art



3D – Elephant Character



Gluttony Character No Textures

3D Gluttony Character – Soulless Video Game




3D Mech Gun



Warehouse door

3D Warehouse Door – Background


Farm House

3D Farmhouse – Background



2D Jungle – Background


Apache Background

2D Indian Village – Background


Pirate Ship

2D Pirate Ship – Background




2D Background – Pencil Sketch




Advertising Storyboard



Advertising Storyboard



Our Original Slot Game Glass



Our Original Slot Game Glass



Island Game Character



Island Game Character



Character Sketches



Character Sketches




Hughes Who Ad & Graphic Design Samples



Affirm Hair Ad – Avlon Industries


Office Max Booklet

Office Max Diversity Ads


Kennedy-King City College Mailer Brochure

City Colleges – Kennedy King College Brochure


Pop Star

NEOPOP Online Gallery Flyer



3 Responses to “CEO/Creative Director – Darryl Hughes”

  1. Christopher Weaver Says:

    Hi. My name is Christopher Weaver and I have been in the video gaming business for about 2 years. I must say the the article I read about you and your lovely wife in the was very expiring. Me and my wife are also the owners of a video game store in the New Orleans area, and your story was a real lift to us. Thank you sincerely.

  2. Christopher Weaver Says:

    Sorry meant inspiring!!!!

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